An Interview with Alison Davis-Wood, Producer of Video Diner

Video Diner began airing on WILL-TV last year. “The idea for the show came from my husband Rob,” says producer Alison Davis Wood. “He said you should show music videos, one’s that no one gets to see”. Wood loved the idea. She teamed up with fellow WILL producer Brian Paris to produce the program. Wood’s husband Rob also had the idea of the perfect host. He suggested friend Chris Green. “I knew Chris would be a great host since his music knowledge is incredibly vast. Plus he’s a great guy and I thought his personality would come across well on camera.” Green’s career in the music industry includes working as a tour manager and band member (Steakdaddy Six). The son of a booking agent and a musician, Green grew up around rock-n-roll. “Many times he has a personal connection to the artists that we show. He’s met them or worked with them at some point in his career. It is Chris that really makes the show. He’s knowledgeable but foremost he’s a fan and his love of music really comes through. It’s as if you ran into him in a bar and started talking music. He encourages the viewers to expand on what we show them by checking out a live show or picking up a new CD.”